Admission Requirements and Criteria

Candidates applying to The College of Fashion and Design are considered for admission based on their qualifications regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, disabilities, age or national origin.

Regular Admissions

Courses at The College of Fashion and Design are taught in English and a good command of the
language, both written and oral, is necessary for success. A basic knowledge of math is also
In order to be admitted to the degree programs, the students need to go through the following

  1. High School Requirement;
  2. English Language Requirement;
  3. Portfolio of creative work;
  4. Interview with the Enrolment Officer;

Attestation of Documents and Equivalency Letter

All applicants for admission are required to obtain an Equivalency Certificate for their secondary school leaving qualifications from the Ministry of Education – UAE. The attestation/ratification process is dependent upon whether you completed your secondary schooling within the UAE or outside the UAE.

Applicants who hold certificates from the UAE

All applicants who have completed schooling within the UAE and who hold certificates other than the UAE General Secondary School Certificate are required to get their certificates attested/ratified by the educational authority in the city where they did their final year of studies. For example, if you did your final year in Dubai, you are advised to go to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to obtain the required attestations. If you did your final year in Sharjah, you are advised to go to Sharjah Education Zone, etc.

Applicants who hold certificates from outside the UAE

Applicants who obtained their secondary school certificates outside the UAE are required to
ratify/attest their certificates for all secondary school levels/grades (e.g. grade 10, 11 and 12) and
provide an Equivalency Certificate from the following:

  1. The Ministry of Education or the educational authority in the country where studies were
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where studies were done.
  3. The UAE Embassy in the country where studies were done.
  4. In case the attestations couldn’t be done, as in b. and c., certificates must be
    attested/ratified by the embassy of the country where studies were done in the UAE as well
    as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  5. After obtaining the above attestations/ratifications, the student must provide the
    Equivalency Certificate Issued by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

If you are unable to provide the Equivalency Certificate as outlined above before the
commencement of the semester, you will be asked to sign a “Declaration Letter” agreeing to
provide the Equivalency Certificate. You will be permitted to begin your studies at CFD, but you will
be given a maximum of one semester to get the Equivalency Certificate. The College of Fashion and
Design reserves the right to take appropriate action against any applicant who cannot provide the
appropriate documentation during this time period, which may include termination of the student’s
enrolment at CFD.

Transfer Students

  • Students transferring from a federal or licensed institution in the UAE, or a foreign institution
    of higher learning based outside the UAE and accredited in its home country, are eligible for
    transfer admission;
  • Students should meet the English language proficiency requirements prior to commencing
    their study in the program they transfer to;
  • Transfer students cannot be granted provisional admission;
  • Transfer students are required to present valid certification (TOEFL or IELTS) demonstrating
    the required scores for full admission;
  • Submit official transcripts showing all post-secondary work attempted at all institutions
  • Permit students who are not in good standing to transfer only to a program in a field different
    from the one from which the student is transferring;
  • Total transfer credits awarded must not exceed 50% of the credits required for the program
  • Transfer only credits which were offered at the post-secondary level and which have learning
    outcomes comparable to those of the accepting institution;
  • Credits taken at partner institutions with which articulation agreement has been established
    will be taken as transfer credit.
  • Transfer program credits only for courses relevant to the degree that provide equivalent
    learning outcomes and in which the student earned a grade of C (i.e. Average GPA 2.0 on a
    scale of 4.0 s or better;
  • Provide for timely written notification of applications of the transferability of credit, the
    college will provide information on the mapped courses and how the accepted credit will be
    applied to the degree program;
  • Prohibit accepting credit twice for substantially the same course taken at two different