High School Requirements

Curriculum Qualification Minimum Score
UAE/GCC Curriculum General Secondary School Certificate 70%
Indian Curriculum Indian School Certificate awarded by ICSE or CBSE 60%
British At least 7 GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subjects
A combination of GCSE (O level) and AS/A levels is
acceptable provided that the subjects cover at least four
of the following fields:
– Math
– Science
– Languages
– Humanities and Social Sciences
– Arts and Design
Students must complete a minimum 11 years of
schooling and a School Leaving Certificate must be
The minimum
grade for each
level is:
C for the O level
D for the AS level
E for the A level
American Curriculum American High School Diploma providing grade 10, 11
and 12 Mark Sheets
Overall average
of Grade “C-”
(65% or 2.0/4.0)
IB International Baccalaureate Diploma (24 Points)

Notes: Students with qualifications other than those listed above are advised to contact the student
recruitment and admissions representatives at CFD to determine their eligibility, or you may visit the World Education Services webpage and find the equivalency for your country’s grade to make sure it represents atleast a “C” in the US grading system.