Founder and Creative Director of online apparel boutique - SoShru shares her inspiring success story.

Dubai is the newest hotspot in the fashion and design industry. We are pioneering the way in nurturing young designers and talent in the Middle East with our fully immersive degree programmes, giving our students the expertise, skills, and creativity to work for leading companies across the globe.

In our bid to expose students to the real world of fashion, and set ourselves apart from any other education provider – we have initiated a series of industry expert talks and seminars, allowing students to interact with designers and business leaders who have first-hand knowledge and are able to share their story.

The Founder and Creative Director of So Shru visited recently visited us to host a compelling interactive session with the students. The fun, quirky, value-driven contemporary brand that offers modern elegant clothing and accessories is the brainchild of Shruti X. Together with her partner Aakash, the Parsons educated entrepreneur created the label to give fashionistas an option to be stylish with an affordable price tag.

Taking the students through her journey, from selling her own product at the age of 17 to traveling to the USA to study, to the intricacies of launching at start-up in Dubai, gave in-valuable direct insight into the industry in which they wish to find their own success.

We will continue to hone the next generation of creative thinkers with further interactive classes with a variety of business professionals throughout the academic year.