Diploma in Fashion and Design


The Diploma in Fashion and Design is a 2 year curriculum which is designed to equip students with a broad-based exposure to all aspects of fashion. The Lower Division Study curriculum encourages the integration of students’ anticipated careers within larger, more encompassing and multiple contexts.


Please access Admission Requirements and Criteria for details.

The DFD curriculum structure is composed of 33 credits Core Fashion and Design courses, 24 credits General Education courses and 6 credits Fashion and Design Elective courses.  In total 63 credits are required for graduation.

Requirements Credit Hours Required
General Education 24
Fashion and Design Core Courses 33
Fashion and Design Electives 6
Total 63

Electives for Diploma in Fashion & Design

Course Code Course Title Credits
FPMG 2205 Fashion Production Management 3
CIFA 2206 Cinema and Fashion 3
SUFA 2207 Sustainable Fashion 3
ASTH 2208 Aesthetics for Accessories and Design 3
FLFI 2211 Free-Lancing in Fashion Industry 3

Program Structure

Diploma in Fashion& Design

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-requisites
General Courses 24
ESCS1101 Essential Skills for College Success 3 None
ACWR 1102 Academic Writing 3 None
MATH 1103 Mathematics 3 None
PRSK 1201 Presentation Skills 3 ACWR1102
PBSP 1202 Public speaking 3 None
SOAP 1204 Software Applications for Fashion 3 None
ENVS 2105 Environmental Science 3 None
IWAR 2201 Art of Islamic World 3 None
Core Courses 33
SSFA 1104 Fashion Social Studies 3 None
DWFI 1105 Drawing and Fashion Illustration I 3 None
INMG 1203 Introduction to Management 3 None
ACFI 1205 Foundations of Accounting and Finance 3 MATH 1103
PMGC 2101 Pattern Making and Garment Construction I 3 None
INAC 2102 International Art Culture 3 SSFA 1104
MRKT 2103 Introduction to Marketing 3 INMG 1203
HIFA 2104 History of Fashion 3 SSFA 1104
DISK 2202 Digital Skills 3 SOAP 1204
INRM 2203 Introduction to Research Methods 3 None
FUFD 2204 Fundamentals of Fashion Design 3 HIFA 2104, DWFI 1105, PMGC 2101
Elective Courses 6
Elective1 Elective1 3 None
Elective2 Elective2 3 None
Total of Credits 63

Career Opportunity

The Diploma in Fashion Design will launch you into the world of fashion and design with a solid foundation in trends, concepts and skills that will allow you to pursue a variety of career paths within this field including:

  • Assistant Manager – Product and Design
  • Associate Retail Manager
  • Junior Merchandiser
  • Sales Associate
  • Creative Executive
  • Junior Buyer