Personalized counseling will be available to all students on a drop in and appointment basis. The Student Affairs Department will assist students in their emotional, inter-personal, intellectual and professional growth while at CFD.

Students can seek counseling for the following (for example):

  • Personal concerns and issues relating to adjusting to college life
  • Issues or concerns around living arrangements, roommates etc.
  • Career pathways planning and exploration
  • Learning and academic challenges
  • Students will also be offered Student Success Seminars to enhance and support academic success.

Students may also be referred by a member of the faculty or staff for counseling when academic difficulties appear to be related to personal issues.

Academic Enrichment services will be provided to meet the needs of students academic and personal growth.
Student will be able to access the following:
  • Exam-Preparation advise
  • Study and Test-Strategies
  • Time Management tips
The Academic Enrichment services will help you achieve success the following sessions will be offered:
  • Test Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Student Leadership

The goal of this program is to offer a broad range of interventions that may be useful to students who may be on academic probation or to those who wish to improve their academic performance. At CFD, we are committed to being of ample support in different ways. Once the areas in which a student needs help is identified, a counselor will aid them in creating an individualized program that they can use to improve their academic performance.

The ways in which this can be done is through:
  • Making study and learning strategies specific to the situation/individual.
  • Individual Counseling and one-on-one sessions.