Yao Wang

Bachelor in Fashion and Design

12 years of hard work, finally it's my turn for university. I didn't choose to go to Europe or America or even my original choice, Australia. Instead, I choose to stay in Dubai, this vibrant international city and the university that I have been dreaming of going, CFD-the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai. College life has many mysterious connotations. I chose CFD because I don't believe college should be boring or wasting time. It should be a place to continue to aspire for the best and seize the opportunities to be the best in the self. I got to know CFD from a close friend, my mentor, Jing. I was drawn by the CFD Team spirit, cutting edge equipment and state of art facilities, comfortable learning environment etc. I am prepared to enter into my new kingdom and make something my own with my background in art and my love for fashion. I am confident this day shall not be too far because I trust myself and the platform, resources, opportunities CFD offers. I appreciate this opportunity to learn with CFD and special thanks to Jing again! Because of her guidance and encouragement, I have found my way, my confidence and my ability to accomplish what I want - many were seemingly impossible in the past. I am very grateful to get a great scholarship also. Just as Jing had said, trust yourself and trust the others are the same as you, your life is destined to be a wonderful one. I am so passionate about my college life. 😃

Elie Robinson

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

I am excited that the need for an accredited Fashion Design school in the UAE was realized! I couldn't have been more happier when I sent out an inquiry about possibly upgrading my diploma to a Bachelor's Degree. Jing from the Admissions was very prompt to get back to me and answered all my questions with patience and understanding. A week later, I was able to tour the campus, discuss my options and get a better idea of the program. There was no email sent that wasn't responded promptly and I really felt like the school extends their welcome to future students like me with a promise of giving the best support and creating opportunities for my future career.

Mona Mostafa

Dear Miss Reem and Professor Nesreen,
I would like to thank you so much for the great effort that you have exercised in helping me to make up my mind and register in CFD, despite the presence of other competing facilities with great names and reputation such as Esmod, London College of Fashion, and Harriot Watt, and despite all of that, still and mainly because of the rather professional manner in which you have explained to me the advantages of CFD, which made my decision quite an easy one to take.
So, thank you so much for all the time and effort that you have given to me.

Florence Macovei

I've heard about the institute from the radio and i've google it straight away.
Miss Reem answered me and we start talking about the semester and the facilites that were interesting me.
Shortly after that i've sended an e mail with the requested things for the scholarship and we stettled a meeting at the institute to discuss further informations and to see the institute.
There i've meet some of the teachers that we re very friendly and they showed me around together with miss Reem.
Everything went very fast since miss Reem was promt to respond all my queries at all time.
I'm very exited and i'm looking forward for the begging of the semester.