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“57 boutique” by Anoud AlMulla

57 boutique, turned my hobby into a lifestyle.

When I was a little girl I used to get my inspiration from Disney’s princesses’ gowns and used to paint them. That was my hobby actually, I was very fond of my drawing classes in my school days and as I grew, my dream grew bigger and I started sketching and blending and creating clothes. While I am not an expert, I believe passion creates talent.

I soon realized that fashion is an art that creates beauty, so I decided to be a blogger and to share my lifestyle with people on Instagram and I had over 35k followers in just one year! People responded to my art and loved my style as well, but at some point I started struggling in my personal life and I had to deactivate my account because of some personal issues and went back to zero. However, through all the hard times I couldn’t stop dreaming. I regained my strength finally and got back to believing in myself; realizing that I won’t stop dreaming, that I can do it and that I will find success.

College of Fashion and Design was the right place for such a dream, they gave me a great opportunity, they motivated and they supported me. Achieving my dream was something truly hard when I first started, specially because I’m a mother and I have a lot of responsibilities as well, but once you believe in yourself you can easily manage your life, and the fear will fade away because you are doing something you are totally passionate about.

As I said, I started my journey in (CFD-Dubai), and my goals were to create a contemporary modest clothing brand that is able to reflect modernism through modesty and classical simplicity using a pastel color palette and the softest shades of garments to enhance the feminine side.

With this vision I officially became a fashion designer and I launched in October 2018  my own brand “57 boutique”.

Anoud AlMulla.