Welcome to your future at CFD!

Dr. Monica Gallant is the President and CEO at the College of Fashion and Design (CFD) Dubai bringing years of regional educational experience as well as a thorough understanding of fashion education to her leadership role.

Dr. Monica Gallant

President and CEO

We are very excited to welcome you to CFD, the first step in realizing your passion for fashion

The College of Fashion & Design is fully accredited college has highly skilled, enthusiastic professors from around the world who have come to Dubai to develop the next fashion hub. The curriculum is an excellent blend of sound theoretical knowledge with innovative practical projects. The school is very well equipped with the latest technology such as a 3D printer, laser cutting machine, sewing machines and a state-of-the-art computer lab and photography studio.

Here at CFD, you will receive the expertise, tools, professional networking, and training to cultivate your creativity and fulfill your potential. Our culturally diverse students are actively involved in all aspects of the fashion industry in the UAE from fashion shows to exhibitions and competitions.

We have confidence that our personalized teaching and mentoring approach will nurture your talent and enable you to achieve your ambitions. A formalized internship program will ensure that each student has the necessary skills to excel in the booming fashion industry as a successful fashion and design professionals. Students at CFD will also have the opportunity to participate in joint research initiatives to explore emerging trends such as wearable technology and sustainable fashion

Find yourself and your future at CFD!