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“Crowd pleasing” By Melody


It’s said that people who have better presentation skills usually are more successful than those with better academic skills. The ability to give a good public speech has always been one of my concerns, that’s why I went to this speech called “crowd-pleasing” with professor Nessrin. This coaching presentation was taught by Richard Dean, the presenter of Business Breakfast radio show; acclaimed public speaker; author of “Crowd pleaser: the 10 Greatest Public Speaking Tips of All Time”; and founding partner of Pallavi Dean Interiors/Design by Roar. Richard tailored the topic, especially for fashion students. I want to share some tips from Richard’s speech, hope this can help you in your future presentations.

He started with a music video from The Beatles’ “White” album to attract the audience interest, he interacted with his audience by asking them questions and throwing then little gifts. When the crowd started to get excited he quickly gave his bullet points which were, Shorter Speech; Stay Content; and Punchy Delivery. I found his way focused and easy to remember. The usual speakers spread their ideas all over their speech which can be boring and result in the audience missing the important message.

After giving his key points, Richard started his power point presentation to explain more. “First you need to have a unique Point Of View, then you need to know what’s at stake.” That means you should know the purpose and reasons of your speech, and have examples and backup points. Always remember that stories are more powerful than data.

Then he used some quotes from books to introduce us to the three steps to a good presentation:

-Ethos: Knowledge

-Logos: Logic

-Pathos: Emotion

That is all you need to prepare a good presentation, you should know what to say and say it loud and clear.