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DDFC talk with Khulood Khoory


Rosine Sioufi

It was a pleasure for CFD-Dubai’s staff and students to welcome Khulood Khoory, DDFC’s Development and Relationship Senior Manager, for a second time. Dubai Design and Fashion Council is a government entity established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom, Ruler of Dubai, to support the local and regional design industry. Its aim is to find ways to endorse a sustainable design industry.



DDFC’s support covers 5 main industry segments:

Fashion Design

Architectural Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Product Design

It’s 4 main targets are Talent Development, Developing Events Initiatives, Providing Support to the Industry, as well as Research and Advocacy.

In order to provide well rounded support to these industries, DDFC has collaborated with In5; a platform that gives students, designers, entrepreneurs and professionals of all career levels the access to a diverse community of like-minded individuals to learn and connect in the tech, media and design industries.

A membership opportunity is provided by in5 and DDFC. Through this membership, creative talents are promoted and nurtured. Members are provided promotion platforms, resources, privileges, and business support. All this with the aim to help members to turn their ideas into a successful brand that can sustain itself and grow.

Creatives can join one of 4 different membership categories: Student, Emerging Designer, Established Designer, Entrepreneur & Industry Professional. These members have access to a range of talk-shows and workshops, a 3-month long Mentorship program as well as being promoted by getting much needed publicity to maximize their visibility in the market. Two of DDFC’s most exciting promotional tools is sponsoring and sending 1 designer every season to London to take part in a runway show; as well as international internships at big design companies around the world.

In5 has addressed creatives’ huge need for facilities and access to needed machinery and equipment by building 3 campuses in which members have full access. From prototyping labs to recording studios to green rooms and open work spaces. These campuses provide great networking and collaboration hubs as well as access to market intelligence, research and business toolkits.

It is definitely an exciting time to be a design student at CFD. Having access to all the in house support and outside support like DDFC and in 5, students feel well informed and up-to-date. Thank you Khulood, our students look forward to signing up and working with DDFC.