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Dress of the World Competition with Mansoor Al Obeidli

Designers wanting to be part of the Dress of the World Competition are submitting their applications to take part of several fashion and beauty competitions taking place at the Baku Boulevard Hotel Autograph Collection on February 10, 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Middle East Regional Director for World Beauty Congress, Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli came to CFD to offer our students the chance to participate in the upcoming Dress of the World Competition. His Bedazzeled Events company champions several local, regional, and international competitions including The UAE Bridal Beauty Championship. He is an Actor, Doctor and Entrepreneur as well as the UAE National Director of The World Beauty Congress.

Students from our fashion college, CFD-Dubai, were given the opportunity to participate in this world competition where they are entitled to demonstrate up to three dresses for a fee of 2,200 Euros (hotel, meals, and tours included). Dr Mansoor provided our students with all the details and entry form. Students interested were told to email him at mansoor@wearebedazzled.comor reach him at 056 506-4885

In Baku, WBC President Zamir Huseynov said to Trend Life that “For the first time, these world events will be held in the countries of our region. Prior to that, they were held in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. The holding of these international competitions will facilitate the promotion of tourism in Azerbaijan, as leading stylists and fashion designers with a huge number of subscribers in social networks will take part in it. In addition, almost all of them cooperate with TV channels and have already been invited to talk shows and television programs of their countries, before and after arriving in Baku.”

Zamir added that “Many participants bring their models, so the majority on the catwalk will be made up of foreign models. The events will be covered by TV channels of several countries.”

Dr Mansoor communicated to our students that participating in this Dress of the World Competition will provide them with the opportunity to participate in a unique fashion event that will be broadcasted and seen by top global players in the fashion industry not to mention all the networking opportunities.


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