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Editor’s  Letter – Fashion Bytes Dec 2018 Issue

Spending your days in a fashion design college; watching raw thoughts and materials get played with, shaped, revised and modified; you get to see the hidden side of what “outsiders” perceive as a perfect world. Fashion consumers see the endgame, one filled with beautiful models wearing sumptuous fabrics stitched to perfection. However, designers (or in our case, aspiring designers) only gets to see that for a few moments when it’s time to let go of the finished product/line and start on a new one.

This being our December issue, marks the end of a semester. Watching our students’ growth over the last few months has been inspiring, to say the least. Great talent is lurking in CFD’s corridors and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in our next semester.

Hope you all enjoy this issue, have a fabulous end of year holiday and see you all again in 2019.


Rosine Sioufi