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EXPO 2020 with Ms. Fatma Ibrahim

Imagine a date and destination where millions convene to share ideas, show their latest innovations, and facilitate collaboration. Its main aim is to celebrate human ingenuity by bringing countries, companies, NGO’s and anyone who cares about the future and progress. This is what expos are organized to do and it takes place every 5 years at a different destination and lasts for 6 months.

The next one will be held in our beloved city of Dubai on October 20 in the year 2020. Its motto is inspiring by itself: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid’s plans for the site to span over 4.38 square km and is expecting around 25 million visitors. The pavilions will all be focusing on 3 main themes: Opportunity (example education, unemployment, healthcare), Mobility (of good and services as well as thoughts and ideas), and Sustainability ( how to advance the world while simultaneously taking care of the environment).

The Dubai leadership have created an innovation program called the Expo Live Program with $100 billion dedicated to this program. Expo Live will be looking for innovators from all over the world who have creative ideas that will have a positive impact on this world. This platform will give a chance for those with great ideas and give them the opportunity to be listened to and supported.

What is planned to take place after the 6 months are over is also forward in thinking. Since sustainability is one of Dubai Expo’s main concerns the site will be later repurposed. The main pavilion is planned to become the new Dubai Trade Center and the rest will be used for other purposes from office buildings to hotels.

‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ aims to prove that when cultures and regions across the world collaborate great things happen.