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Fashion Trends by Melody

What fabric is trending now? If you walk around all the malls and go through fashion magazines, you will notice that the “tweed” fabric is back in the lead now! As the most used fabric in Chanel, tweed is being used for everything from casual/trendy to elegant/formal. Tweed has become again in focus for the coming season. Look! Gucci is the pioneer of using it on the shoes!


Another fashion item on fire right now is silk scarves. A silk scarf can be very styled in many ways, either as an accessory on the neck and head or a decoration on the bags or even as a top or dress.

A cute element that is being widely used in this season is the “fluffies”. This element creates a lazy and cute style, and sometimes even sexy and mysterious depending on what you wear it with.

Speaking of shoes, do you know what is the most popular material this season? It’s definitely the transparent material from sheer fabrics to netting. Look what all the brands did to their newest collection using this material.