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Fashion Victim

By Sadaf Papy

My name is Sadaf Papy, I’m from Tehran, the capital of Iran. I’m currently studying in the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai. I have my own brand in Tehran, the name of my brand is: Fashion Victim. I’m selling my products online via Instagram. Most of my designs are women’s manteau that is known in UAE as “Abaya”. The Abaya is a long coat that women in the Islamic and Arabic countries normally wear to follow their traditional and regional beliefs.

Nowadays, in my country designing Manteau is very popular, however, most of the international brands don’t have Abaya or Manteau. So, it has created a gap in the market. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for starting my new business in fashion in the Islamic countries where I can research and explore more about the traditional wear and how to make them in a modern way that the modern women can enjoy and be stylish and traditional at the same time, then I can expand my brand worldwide.