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Get to Know our Student – Hiba Asif

My name is Hiba Asif and I am 18 years old.  My hobbies are dancing, cooking, painting and designing. I am a Pakistani and have been living in Dubai since 2016.

Once I completed my high school, my friends and family members asked me, “Which field will you join?’’ I had no answer at that time but I knew that I would do something creative and not waste my time on learning something less interesting for me. For a while I considered business management as my future plan but then I realized it is not my ideal career option. During the days when I was searching for a good college, one of my friends told me about CFD-Dubai. I visited the campus, I was shown all of the facilities and the courses were so attractive and compelling. The faculty members were so warm to talk to. Finally, I was offered a place.

The fashion industry became the field that I wanted to kick start my career. This industry is creative, modern, innovative and with continuous improvement. It is ideal for girls, and I have seen my grandmother and mother design their own clothes so I think the same works for me as well. I want people to wear my designed garments and feel empowered and pretty. As clothes play an important role in building a person’s personality.

Since my journey with CFD has started, I have explored many hidden talents about myself. I have to face a new challenge every day, a new opportunity knocks on my door every day and I accept it with a big smile and try to do my best. Be it volunteer back stage for mainstream fashion shows like Royal Gala, Runway Dubai and Arab Fashion Week, or making an outfit for a golf club for the Diwali event in which I was under extreme pressure but in the end it was worth it.  Together with all these events I need to submit my assignments before deadline and excel in them.

Since all these experiences I have learned many new things which I have adopted in my everyday life. I push myself to produce as good work as possible so I can make all my professors proud and explore new ways of doing ordinary work.

I hope that I finish my degree with flying colors, become a successful fashion designer in Dubai and design and create new trends for the new generation.