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Get to Know our Student – Jesus Silva

Born in Kingsville, Texas but raised in Miami, I was surrounded by great style & extravagant design. Growing up in South Beach, I was able to appreciate the vibrant colors and Art Deco buildings that were a symbol of the 1920s & 30s decadence. The city was constantly alive with music, color and above all Latin American influence. Gianni Versace had established his home on Miami’s Ocean Drive and his villa had become a landmark on the country’s fashion circuit.  Ocean Drive was a place where the ‘beautiful people’ spent time and the place to be seen. Such an environment inspired me and nurtured my creative instincts from a very early age.

As my mother attended night school and worked long hours to put my two sisters and myself through school, I spent many hours playing outdoors. However, I always found the time to study the back-copies of a fashion magazine that belonged to my older sister.

My mother then moved us to Columbus, Ohio, where I spent the rest of my teenage years finishing high school. Then in 2005, YouTube was introduced to the world and there I was able to follow all of my favorite designers, from their interviews to runway shows. Battling with coming-out to my family at that time, online fashion became my escape and allowed me to express myself in a way I felt truly comfortable.

During High School, I also worked in fashion retail, as it allowed me to work in an environment I was passionate in. I remained close to the industry that had been my safety blanket growing-up by working for several high street brands for several years. I gained the most satisfaction as head sales associate and assistant manager of a bridal store. The role allowed me to work closely with clients to ensure the dress they chose matched their dreams, for the most important day of their life. It also gave me a taste of the business side and an insight of the countless job roles required to build and run a brand.

Looking for a change from the retail sector, when I moved to Dubai, I carved out a career in the live events industry as an artist liaison. It was an exciting and challenging role that required me to look after all the needs of major celebrities and musicians during their visit to Dubai. I was lucky enough to work with fashion icons and artists such as Jared Leto, Mariah Carey, & Janet Jackson, to name a few. It was certainly the dream job, but as fun, as it was, it just made me realize the time had come to return to school and fulfill my ambition of studying and working fulltime in the fashion industry.