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Internship with Robinsons

By Mazyar Etihadi

Being a successful fashion designer requires a lot of experience. As a fashion design student, in my first semester, I am constantly looking for internship opportunities here and there with the help of CFD’s faculty.

Several students’ resumes were sent to Robinsons, and two students were chosen to have an interview with them, I being one of them.

The other student and I were given an interview to find out if we are suitable for this internship or not. We were asked questions regarding our skills, past experiences, and what we are able to do for them, if chosen. After an hour, they were happy to give us the internship positions, and we discussed and agreed on the days and hours which would be suitable for them and us as well.

On our first day, we were given a tour of the department store and as well as the offices and storage areas where they store their stock. We were then given the task to help customers if they needed anything.

The second day, which was the morning of Black Friday, Robinsons was expecting a lot of customers. We were given the same task as day one, but also helped to put discounted tags on item that will go on sale for that weekend.

On the third day, we helped to dress and style mannequins with new collection items and displaying them around the shopping floor.

Since then we are given different tasks to do each day, and with that, we have learned a lot of different skills and how to handle different tasks in a retail space.

I suggest that every student intern. Not only does it look good on a resume, but it could help to get them ready for a job that they might end up working in.