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Interview with Piyam Box founder, Pierette Yammine

By Rosine Sioufi

It’s such a pleasure for me to be interviewing you. I’ve known you and your teenage daughters on a personal level. You are a successful business woman in the fashion industry and have been featured on many magazines and TV.

The pleasure is mine Rosine, I’m so happy seeing you doing what you love, I have always told you that you have an expert eye in the fashion field and amazing style.


Could you tell me how you started working in the fashion industry?

It was a childhood dream, I wanted to grow up just to wear what I like, wearing beautiful clothes was and still is my ultimate happiness. Turning this into a business was a dream until I met by coincidence an Italian supplier…


As founder of Piyam Box, could you please take me through the process of what inspired you to create this service?

It started by shaking hands with this Italian supplier and telling him “I will take your brand”. After that I started thinking on creating a unique concept in our competitive market. I then came up with the slogan “Your Store to Your Door” to sell style not only fashion.

How does it work?

Step one: Fill your profile. Step two: Receive your box containing items chosen by our stylists. Step three: Try them and keep what you love.

I’m glad to announce that soon we will start applying the “virtual box” concept

as we keep on enhancing our services to suit our fast lifestyle

What is a virtual box?

It is a box that you will receive to your email containing the items that suits you to be purchased along with some other recommendations. This is how we help our clients to choose the best picks for them.

My major inspiration in all of this are the successful women who don’t have enough time or don’t have the talent to style themselves. Successful women are not limited to working women but also housewives who are giving it all for their families.


Is there a meaning behind the name Piyam?

It is a mix of my first and last name.


Describe the brand selection process?

Piyam Box has an identity, it is dedicated for the sophisticated and modern women. The selection of brands must fit our style positioning. I personally do the buying, and travel many times a year to find the best items in terms of style, quality and price as we sell affordable luxury brands.


What advice would you give to our CFD students studying Fashion Business?

I advise them to keep their identity, develop it and never give up on their dreams, everything is possible if we work for it and believe in ourselves.


What are the biggest challenges for someone running their own fashion business?

Every business has its own challenges, the biggest ones in fashion business are market competition and the ability of creating the right image of your brand/concept. I won’t say finding funds because a brilliant idea will attract interested investors. Fashion is a field that requires art and a business mind.


I loved your last pop-up boutique. The whole set-up was genius, in my opinion. You brought in experts on style, beauty, life coaching, and interior design. All these topics are of interest to the modern woman. This made the shopping experience memorable and invitees were able to roam around, chat together and try clothes all while being served drinks and canapés. Are you working on any other upcoming projects?

Your positive feedback is priceless to me, I believe that beauty and elegance is not only when you wear the right clothes but also in your attitude, values, education and good manners and yes of course I’m working on upcoming projects, be ready!



Thank you Pierette for your valuable time and information. It is always crucial for fashion students to hear from someone in the industry.

Thank you for your interest in Piyam Box and for being one of our most elegant and stylish clients.