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Jessica Kahawaty, A Real Influencer.

I had a great opportunity the other day at CFD to get to meet a great influencer I have been inspired by for years. Jessica Kahawaty, a Lawyer, Model, and Instagram Influencer had paid us a visit at the CFD campus. She enlightened us with her experience in the Entertainment and Fashion industry. She stated out important factors that we, as Fashion Design students, might face; whether it was overcoming obstacles, dealing with people in this industry or reaching our successes with determination.  Jessica focused on a very important piece of advice she was happy to share, and it was to believe: “Believe in yourself, your passion and your goals” and that was something that has awakened me to actually see the design career in a different perspective, which is having the person I am right now believe in the person I wish to be.

After the session was over, Jessica was more than happy to see some of the CFD fashion design student’s work. I grabbed my sketchbook and showed her some of the collections I have been working on and I was really excited and full of energy, because I couldn’t be more happier showing my designs to the one and only Jessica Kahawaty. She filmed the sketches and showcased them on her Instagram page with my name mentioned, which gave me a great platform to begin with.

Overall, it was a lovely experience CFD has offered to me and other students. I enjoyed the session Jessica gave and I definitely learned a lot from the stories she told us about her career and what she faced.

By Alaa El Gharably