CFD Welcomes author, Eric Broug, as part of the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature

Eric Broug is an artist specializing in Islamic art and the author of Islamic Geometric Design which was hailed as essential reading by Islamic Arts Magazine and is visiting Dubai as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. He has kindly volunteered his time to share his knowledge and expertise with The College of Fashion and Design. Mr. Broug commented, “I am pleased to share my expertise with this focused audience who appreciate the beauty of Islamic Geometric design”.

Students, staff and faculty enjoyed a hands-on workshop introducing Islamic Geometric Design and discovering how patterns work. “It was so creative and different from other workshops that I have attended. Mr. Broug explained the ideas and the techniques very well. I plan to look up more of his designs for inspiration in my work”, said CFD student, Mehrsa.

Geometric Design can be found throughout Islamic cultures in mosques, schools, homes and palaces. Although complex, it can be created with only a compass and a ruler. Eric introduced students to Islamic Geometric Design using examples from art and architecture. The participants developed skills to better read the patterns and practiced drawing, coloring and tessellating the patterns.

In preparation for the workshop, CFD students studied about how math in general, and geometric design in particular, can be found in fashion collections around the world. CFD students hope to use these designs as inspiration in their fashion illustrations and in their future fashion creations. The faculty and staff appreciated seeing a new perspective on Islamic Art.