Student Council elections held in CFD’s college campus

I truly feel ecstatic about receiving this huge responsibility. Just the fact that I was considered for this role is such an honor. To be able to say that I was elected as the President of the Student Council by my fellow colleagues and friends is an even greater privilege. I believe that being President demands commitment and dedication and hopefully, I will not disappoint in achieving that. As President, I aim to satisfy the students and create for them a comforting environment where anyone is capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas freely. Moreover, I hope to be a connecting bridge between both the college faculty members and the students. I hope that fulfilling this responsibility is a beginning to a future full of opportunities and chances for everyone on the CFD campus.
Zinah Issa
President, Student Council - CFD

Being elected as the Vice-President of the Student Council is an important responsibility. I feel proud to be elected and it has given me the confidence to understand the situations of other students and be there to help them whenever they need something.
Udita Jain
Vice-President, Student Council - CFD