Life at CFD

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Mehrsa Farzan Mehr

I joined CFD because of the respectful and creative atmosphere. I’ve learned that I shouldn't be afraid of sharing my ideas and having my own way to create. That fashion is about getting inspiration from everything around you, and how to use my talents to design items in a creative way.

Udita Jain

It's a great pleasure to say that I am studying at The College of Fashion & design. At CFD, we don’t learn just through theory but also having a real fashion industry experience and it helps us to get inspired, to create, and work in our ideas. I am glad to be one of the CFD students, getting international exposure and improving my skills day-by-day.


What I love about CFD is that we learn about fashion in a very good environment. And what makes me appreciate even more being part of the CFD students, is that all the students are as passionate about fashion as I am.