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Maison DMD in conversation with Hajir

Maison DMD

Brasov-born Romanian, Diana M. Dragusin, always had the fashion world as her dream since childhood and after considering what her options are in terms of creating a label that can be appealing to consumers and long lasting in she decided to go for a Signature Handbag Collection with hand drawn, original Art-Prints that are personalized for each Horoscope Star Sign. Having an MBA and an eye for detail and style, starting her own business seemed like the natural thing to do and was worth taking the risk and bringing her ideas to life. Aiming To create timeless and iconic collections for the modern trend-setter woman.


When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

Fashion was always in my blood. My grandmother and my father taught me how to sew when I was very young, I first started making cloths for my dolls and later on I made my own prom dress as I wanted something original and unique. I remember watching fashion channels and wanting to be a model since I was 10 in order to wear different outfits, however my parents didn’t agree with my choice so I had to wait till I was old/wise enough to make my own decisions and this is how Maison DMD was born, from my love for fashion and designing novelty Art-Prints.


What was your biggest concern while starting your career in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry it’s a very competitive and fierce environment nowadays, I needed a product that can last through seasons and that is not dependent on a particular trend or style so the biggest challenge was finding the right article to enter the market and I strongly believe that after 1 year of hard work I finally managed to achieve what I had in mind with “Serendipity- A Horoscope Collection” of Art-To-Wear Handbags


If you could go back in time, what would you change about your journey?

In all honesty I wouldn’t change a thing, as the person I am today is because of the mistakes I have done which I learned from, and the opportunities that I took. I’m very grateful for all that life offered me, the good and the bad, and I’m looking forward for new and exciting adventures in the future.


What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

We live in a digital world where IT is an essential and almost indispensable part of our lives. Social media is vital for any business especially fashion related as you get the opportunity to engage and connect with a wider audience at the push of a button. Unlike the past when consumers had to purchase fashion magazines to fallow the latest trends, nowadays you can find and purchase everything online from the haute couture to street style looks making the fashion world an accessible and easy platform for everyone.


What is your favorite part about being a designer?

Personally, I would say my favorite part is the creation process from the inception of the idea till completion, seeing the final result and bringing it to life. I mostly enjoy designing the prints, mixing the colors and giving shape and form to my vision which can be quite challenging at times as I’m known for being quite a perfectionist. Probably I am my worst critic as I go into every detail and I’m not satisfied until everything it’s perfect or as close to it as I can humanly get.


How do you want women to feel while wearing your products?

Since it’s a personalized Horoscope Collection for each Star Sign, I want the women to feel proud and empowered by the particular trait that each hand drawn Art-Print represents. We are all unique human beings, however everyone of us is connected by distinctive characteristics based on our Zodiac, for example Leo born woman are know for their strength and power, Scorpio’s by their mysterious nature, Aries by their fearless, Taurus by their patience and so forth. Every handbag print is designed to remind each one of us of our hidden talent and originality and I hope it will be your lucky charm once you wear it.


Are you planning on keeping astrology as your signature?

There is so much that can be done with astrology as the Universe is an infinite source of inspiration and depending on how this collection will perform on the market I’ll be able to draw a plan for further developments. All I can say is that whatever product that Maison DMD will have to offer in the future it will be avant garde, fresh and most important a signature piece that is timeless.


What advice would you give the new designers that want to join this industry?

The first thing I will tell them is to believe in themselves and their creation. As one of my favorites quote says: “Dream, Believe, and Achieve!” It will not be an easy ride but as long as you have the determination to make it happen, anything can be accomplished. And second thing, which is an advice I give to myself as well, don’t get to caught up in the details as you might lose the vision.


What inspires you to design your collections?

I noticed that there is a gap on the market between luxury designer handbags and accessible priced high-street labels. The first has beautiful designs and high quality materials that come with the pricey tag, the last has a more affordable approach but the quality is being compromised. With “ Serendipity “ Collection I blended the two in order to obtain a Signature handbag that is done by the same principles as a high-end brand in terms of high quality materials, original hand drawn illustrations and craftsmanship without paying for the brand name.

In terms of inspiration for the prints, I was always fascinated about the mystical world of Astrology and I wanted to create a new concept that compliments style and individual Constellations in a dashing all day glamour.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I would like to expand the brand internationally and make it a full fledged accessory label with stores in key cities across the globe. I’m working on a clutch and scarves collection at the moment and hopefully will have it ready by the middle of next year till then I hope you enjoy wearing this handbags and love it as much as I do.