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General Education in Bachelors

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The General Education curriculum encourages the integration of students’ anticipated careers within larger, more encompassing and multiple contexts. The breadth of General Education requirements reflects our mission to impart students with a holistic education, and the curriculum facilitates the acquisition of working knowledge of a broad range of scholarly methods, from the arts and humanities to the sciences.
Through this program, students will be exposed to different values, perspectives, and cultural traditions, providing them a valuable preparation for their future.


After completing GE program, the students will be able to
1. Communicate efficiently to interpret and apply fashion concepts.
2. Demonstrate proficiency in computer and quantitative skills.
3. Acquire and apply knowledge of human behavior and cultural diversity.
4. Apply critical thinking skills to solve problems in complex business situations.
5. Use and apply interpersonal skills to work collaboratively in teams.

Study Plan

Study Plan

Course Code Course Title Credits
Humanities Courses (18credits) 21
ESCS1101 Essential Skills for College Success 3
ACWR 1102 Academic Writing 3
PRSK 1201 Presentation Skills 3
PBSP1202 Public speaking 3
CMSK3101 Communication Skills 3
SSEM4201 Senior Seminar 3
Social Arts Courses (3 credits) 3
IWAR 2201 Art of Islamic World 3
Mathematics & IT Courses (9credits) 6
MATH 1103 Mathematics 3
SOAP 1104 Software Applications for Fashion 3
INFM 4101 Informatics 3
Natural Sciences Courses (3 credits) 3
ENVS 2105 Environmental Science 3