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CFD works closely with fashion industry experts to help students get internships and work placements. This is a great asset to their resumes and improves the employability and prospects once they graduate. Fashion Design graduates can expect to launch careers as designers, stylists, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Fashion Designer

For a Fashion Designer, everything starts from a sketch. They are responsible for creating original clothing, accessories or footwear. They should know all the designing process from sketching to selecting fabrics and patterns as well as a good technical understanding of the production process for clothing, accessories, or footwear.

Jewelry/Accessories Designer

To become a Jewelry or accessories designer, you will need manual dexterity, artistic skills, steady hands, experience with CAD software to design, the ability to visual design ideas to actual jewelry, and a knowledge of popular fashion.
As a Jewelry of accessories designer, you have the opportunity to be self-employed or work for reputable jewelers.