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Save The Amazonia

CFD is raising the awareness to the Amazon rainforest.

The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai has launched a “Save The Amazonia” About Brazil’s Amazon rainforest fires inspiring students to engage in social causes.
The first step of the competition consists of research, mood board creation, and design sketches related to the theme. The top three winners chosen by the jury will be displayed during the Fashion Forward end of October.
On the 1st of October, 2019, c reunited at Fashion Forward office to decide the winning designers. They’ve watched a shot video of the students explaining the idea behind their creation and chose Mehrsa Farzan Mehr(3rd-year student), Reyhaneh Safaei (1st-year student) and c Adamu(1st-year student) as winners.
The main focus is to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon and the impact it can have on climate change. As educators, we also have a huge role to play, teaching and encouraging students about sustainable development and how to use fashion to express their concern about environmental issues. We believe that through education we can motivate the next generation to embrace the cause and work on finding solutions to save our planet.

Save The Amazonia Competition Winners:

Rayyanatu Adamu was inspired by the people of the Amazon and incorporated both, the native people and nature. Adamu created a beautiful coat full of flowers inspired by the Karajá, also known as Iny, an indigenous tribe located in Brazil.

Reyhaneh Safaei was inspired by the exotic leaves of the Amazonian trees to create her design. Her idea is to mix fabric and feathers to represent the rainforest.

Merhsa Farzan Mehr was inspired by the Palm Trees, using upcycling materials to decrease the waste of fabrics that harms the environment and ecosystem. Mehrsa used different types of prints that remind the animals and creatures of the Amazon. The dress is made of 100% cotton fabric, and also have an appeal of fashion trends.