Activities and Clubs

CFD will encourage students to set-up organizations/clubs as a fun and engaging way to establish interpersonal relationships, develop leadership skills and generally become active members of the College Community.

Each club will have an amount of funding allocated for activities from CFD Student Affairs Department and fund-raising and other initiatives will be encouraged.

During orientation options will be introduced and students will be encouraged to join and participate in those of interest.

All Clubs will have a Faculty/Staff Mentor as well as Students leaders.

Once the structure is set up, a small membership fee (applicable per semester) will be levied and confirmation of membership will be confirmed.

Student activities will also be offered throughout the academic year based on availability and student expression of interest.

Student Affairs will offer recreational and sporting activities to the entire CFD community; such activities can include yoga and fitness classes, sports clubs, outdoor adventures and other activities, based on student interest and request.

We believe that clubs and activities at CFD will generate a buzz and an excitement stemming from social and creative needs.
Here is your chance to impart your flavor to life here!

We want you to join-in and give what it takes to make our campus fun-filled and rocking with action!

Take a lead and make the most of the opportunity to design the clubs and fill the calendar as you want! Give it your personal touch along with involvement from buddies and friends.

This will then be put on the college portal along with the Club directory. Your suggestions are most welcome!

Club themes could be based on :

  • Learn-more
  • Take-part
  • Your-culture
  • Have-fun
  • Bring-change
  • Get-active

Each club will have a certain amount of funding allocated for activities from CFD Student Affairs department. Fund-raising and other initiatives will be encouraged for students/members to partake.
In the induction week, options are to be introduced and students will be encouraged to engage, then 5 of the most popular options will be finalized.

There will be one staff/faculty member involved to oversee but the main leads for the clubs will be the elected student representatives. The staff/faculty member will oversee proper allocation of CFD funds into club activity, supervise general functioning and ensure that guidelines are followed.

After 2 weeks of initiation of the club, a club president and secretary will be appointed via a voting system. The secretary of club will manage membership funds and events, while the president will conduct meetings and organize activities (with staff/faculty members approval).

The program structure will be widely pre-defined and the details will be fine-tuned in 2/3 weeks after the club launch. The club offerings will be an important basis on which students will want to take membership and enrollment. The club may give membership IDs, access cards, badges or key-rings, T-shirts etc. to each member.

The motto of the clubs will be to have at least 2 events/outings every semester (accompanied by staff/faculty). The club may organize parties, movies and socials with prior approval. The club will maintain a calendar of events and a ledger of expenses and costs.