CFD students are given ample opportunities to participate in a variety of fashion-related events and activities to enhance their learning experience and apply their skills in the real-world of fashion.

Fashion Forum

Once a month, leading industry professionals visit CFD to discuss their insights with students and invited guests. Influencers, bloggers and emerging fashion designers inspire students with their unique knowledge and personal stories.

The Fashion Forums serve as a unique bridge connecting the world of academia with the realities of the fashion industry and offer excellent networking opportunities to all participants.

Fashion Events

CFD students participate in fashion shows and events with exclusive backstage access. Students are able to learn the secrets of the trade by assisting in fitting, styling and designing in addition to organizing their own in-house fashion shows.

Exhibitions and Conferences

The world of fashion is constantly evolving at a dynamic pace. Students and faculty of CFD keep up to date with the latest trends by attending and presenting at fashion conferences and exhibitions.

Industry Visits

CFD’s expanding list of industry partners demonstrate the real-world of fashion to the students through comprehensive study tours of fashion ateliers, manufacturing premises and prestigious retail outlets. Students are able to learn from the experts and ask in-depth questions.


Students showcase their skills and creativity through participating in fashion competitions. Valuable feedback is gained to benchmark student achievements to industry standards.