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Student Profile – Mariam Al Harmoudi

My name is Mariam Al Harmoudi and I am an Emirati. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother. I am a Bachelor graduate in Information Administration and I am now working towards getting my second Bachelor degree in Fashion Business Management.

I grew up with a big family with a childhood that was surrounded with a passion for food, art, and fashion. One of the most memorable childhood memories was sewing beads and other decorations onto my dress along with my sisters the night before Eid. My mother used to sew dresses from scratch for me and taught me how to sew dresses for my own dolls. I passed all the techniques I’ve learned while growing up to my own daughters.

The reason behind my enrollment in the College of Fashion and Design in Dubai was when my sister launched her own fashion brand, Eglantine, and gave me the opportunity to work along side with her. It started with an on-going process of planning and launching the products in the shop. While working and being deeply involved with Eglantine, a flame in my heart ignited that made me realize my true passion towards fashion. I wanted to learn and enrich my knowledge about the fashion world on a personal and professional level. There are various techniques that I want to explore and work with from prints to patterns to fabrics to embroidery. I also want to understand the fashion industry from the perspectives of sales and marketing.

My goal is to establish my own collection line for Eglantine as all the current designs belong to my sister, who is the founder of the brand, and to have my own fashion show in Dubai. With my enhanced skills and further experience with the brand, I will be a step closer from taking Eglantine from a local fashion brand to an international fashion brand.