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Surroundings that Inspire Me By Joe

Surroundings that Inspire Me By Joe


There are so many geometric elements organizing one pattern, which inspired me to put geometric patterns and popular elements into my designed clothes.

“Life is like a box of chocolate.”  We will never know what we are gonna get next second. As long as we have a faith and belief, everything will be overcome .The hard process will let us grow better and better. This picture inspired me about having a positive attitude to what will happen in personal life.

The reason I took this picture is to let me remember the circumstance that was written in the bible.  Jesus was crucified with two robbers (one on each side).  It would be great for me to express the salvation of Jesus through my designs or through exhibitions in the future.

The water is so clean,  when I took the picture of this,  I was thinking,  if I was as clear as the  water , if not if I should go to the sea and clean myself. There is no question that the womenswear I will design would be clean.