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CFD Launches University Entrepreneurship Program

CFD Launches University Entrepreneurship Program in Partnership With Dubai Future Foundation.

CFD is proud to announce its collaboration with Dubai Future Foundation, an initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, launched in 2019. Under this initiative, CFD will be one of the first institutions to establish University Entrepreneurship Program along with 5 other hand-picked universities. It will be an establishment of free economic and creative zones for students to support them with research and funding during the launch of their projects.
Focusing on promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship, the University Entrepreneurship Program will allow students to carry out business and creative activities as a part of the education and graduation system.
Empowering the next generation of founders and business leaders, the University Entrepreneurship Program will also include a 10-week curriculum on ‘Creating New Business’ harnessing best practices for the students. CFD is one of the first few universities to join Dubai Future Foundation initiative, offering its students an opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial talents. Under this programme, CFD has also committed to a bootstrap grant for each approved team under the University Entrepreneurship Program.
Dubai Future Foundation includes nine projects in the 50-year Charter aimed at improving the quality of life in Dubai over the next five decades. Mandated by the Executive Council to deliver this initiative,
Dubai Future Foundation has partnered with several entities to co-create the end-to-end operating system. The programme aims to create more than 500 new student led companies in the UAE.